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Anyone you know...suffer from hay fever?

Did you know that 25 million people worldwide suffer from hay fever!

"Independent testing by the National Pollen and Aero Biological Research Unit has concluded that Pollergen treated fabrics show up to a 50% reduction in grass pollen allergen when compared to a none Pollergen treated control fabric"

This is the unit that the BBC trusts to be the co-ordinator of all pollen readings throughout the UK. The unit then collates the information and is the organisation that reports the daily pollen count to the BBC which the BBC then reports on daily.

Anyone you know...suffer from hay fever?

Pollergen includes various active ingredients in its formulation. Pollen by its very nature is tacky and readily sticks to any surface it comes onto contact with. Pollergen helps to increase this capture rate by the inclusion of a tackyfier within the formulation. Pollen that is captured cannot be breathed in or have an effect on eyes etc.

When the pollen allergen comes into contact with Pollergen the allergen (the active part of the pollen) is denatured – deactivated if you like. Once this is done the allergen is dead and cannot be activated again. As such if / when denatured pollen is disturbed and comes away from the surface the denatured pollen would be of no concern to sufferers.

Based on the claims of the suppliers of the active contents of the formulation the Pollergen cannot be fully removed from the fabric even when washed or wiped down. Pollergen continuously migrates to the surface of the fabric for what is currently believed to be the lifetime of the product.

As vertical blinds are normally always in the fully deployed position but angled to allow light control – rather than just up or down as an RB/PB – there is an argument to state that the humble vertical blind could be more effective in Pollen capture and subsequent denaturing than other fabric blind types.

The variety of fabric types and finishing techniques within the Louvolite programme will have some impact on the performance levels of the fabrics, however, all Pollergen treated fabrics carry all the active ingredients required to be effective.


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Fabric and Blinds for Hay Fever sufferers

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