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Here are 4 good reasons why polyester curtains may vary so much in price

Polyester is one of the modern wonders of the modern world in our opinion.

It has enabled the cost of everyday items such as curtains, duvet covers and clothes to be accessible and affordable to most people all over the world. It’s a man- made fibre discovered in the 1950’s by ICI of the UK but the main development was down to De Pont of the USA after they bought all the rights.

But not all polyester is the same and why similar looking curtains vary so much in price without the differences being obvious. In a nutshell it’s down to the different weights, the dye used and also the looms that are used to produce the polyester.

We will illustrate this by comparing two products shown on our web site – Faux Silk Red Eyelet Curtains and the Cavendish Burnt Orange Eyelet Curtains. We have chosen the 66” width x 54” drop size. Note the Faux Silk Curtains retail for £21.99 and the Cavendish Curtains for £44.99.

Both are fully lined and made from 100% polyester.

Faux Silk Eyelet Red Curtains

Cavendish Burnt Orange Eyelet Curtains

Difference 1 – The Weight of the Curtains

  • The Faux Silk Curtains weighs 105gsm (grammes per square metre); the Cavendish Curtains are 3 times heavier at about 330gsm.
  • This extra weight makes the Cavendish hang better and last longer.

Difference 2 – The Dyeing Techniques

  • Dyeing the Faux Silk costs far less than Cavendish.
  • Dyeing batches is done by weight, so for 500Kgs batch you will get a lot more Faux Silk fabric dyed than Cavendish (which has 3 times more weight).
  • So the better dying on the Cavendish leads to a more solid colour that will keep its looks longer over time.

Difference 3 – They are made on Different Looms

  • Faux Silk is woven on water jet looms which run incredibly fast with high efficiency that cuts down on the time and cost to weave them.
  • The Cavendish, because they are heavier, is woven on rapier or shuttle looms, which are slower and less efficient but used because of the weight of the fabric.
  • Obviously the faster that you can weave the lower the manufacturing costs.

Difference 4 – Different Machine Types

  • The last factor is actually the area and country where the actual machines are built.
  • The two primary areas are China or European. The speeds and efficiency can be totally different, but so is the investment cost. In China costs are cheaper.

So next time you see these huge price differences check the weight first and the country of origin on the packaging or ask the retailer as the differences may not be so obvious.


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Four good reasons why polyester curtains may vary so much in price

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